What Does Steroid Cream Do?

Steroid cream is poisonous and addictive. It is applied to the skin to alleviate the symptoms of various skin ailments. In my case, Sebhorreic Dermatitis. It dampens down the itching, soreness, redness and scaling caused by diseases of the dermis. The skin becomes dependent on it and the mind relies upon it too. It creates a cycle of dependency that is so difficult to break that many people are unable to stop using it entirely. What goes on the skin, goes into the body and has to be filtered by the liver primarily. The colon also takes a battering, and an inflamed colon causes inflamed skin. Therefore, the very cream that is applied to the skin to dampen the symptoms of dermatitis can cause an inflamed bowel which will in turn make the dermatitis worse. It is a vicious cycle and one that is very hard to put a halt to.

Overuse of steroids also causes Rosacea. Dermatitis and Rosacea are common 'bed fellows' and to treat either one will cause the other to flourish. When my skin began to atrophy, I had both of these conditions. The steroid cream alleviated the dermatitis but it left me with severe Rosacea across my cheeks. The psychological trauma that this caused undoubtedly contributed to my lack of mental strength towards the end of my steroid use. After years of trying to treat my skin problems externally, I decided that it would be worth a shot trying to treat them from the inside. 

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