Healing From The Inside

The next stage of my recovery was to treat my physical condition from the inside. Overuse of both topical steroids and antibiotics had a huge impact on the health of my gut. My amazing Nutritional Therapist talked me through what happens to the body when it has to cope with these medications coupled with a prolonged amount of stress. She diagnosed that I had a 'leaky gut' (inflamed colon) which meant that undigested food particles entered my blood-stream which in turn set-off an immune response triggering Seborrheic Dermatitis.

Using a technique called Kinesiology, (muscle-testing), she was able to determine which foods I was allergic to. Armed with this knowledge, I cut these foods out of my diet in the hope of treating my Dermatitis using the Holistic approach. She also prescribed for me some dietary supplements to bolster my system, clear-out my liver and replace the vitamin B that had been wiped-out by the contraceptive pill which undoubtedly contributed to my depression and anxiety.

Currently I am taking Eskimo Omega 3 fish oils, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Zinc, and Probiotics. For the first few months I also took a daily dose of NAC which helps to detoxify and strengthen the liver. I can hand-on-heart vouch for the health benefits of taking oral supplements. I am living proof that by treating the body from the inside, the skin can be begin to glow on the outside. I am astounded every day by how well my skin has recovered from the steroid abuse it was subjected to every day for 4 years. I am 18 months steroid-free and my skin is healthy and strong. Thank you Nicola Endean-Jones for everything.

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