For many years, I battled with how I perceived my skin. My family and friends would tell me that my skin was fine but I didn't believe them. I think that when a person suffers with acne throughout their teenage years,  it can really affect them later in life. I remember getting my first blackheads at the age of 11. By the age of 13, my skin was like an oil slick and was covered in painful deep spots - the kids at school often asked why my skin was 'wet'. I became introverted and shy; remarks like this really stick and they seemed to haunt my adult thoughts. My self confidence really waned and over the next 20 years, I suffered various bouts of acne for which I was prescribed many courses of oral anti-biotics and 2 courses of Roaccutane (a very heavy  -duty 'last-resort' drug used to treat serious cases of acne).

I knew that I had to get into the cogs of my mind to change the way I perceived my skin in order to fully recover. A year ago, I discovered Neurolinguistic Programming. This technique enabled me to view my skin in a different light. Put very simply, it helped me to break the behavioural patterns that I had been fixed on for years. It put a little 'scratch' in the record enabling me to halt any unhelpful thought processes before they became overwhelming and unmanageable. 

I held on to the vision that I was going to get better and with each therapy session, I became stronger. I learnt various coping techniques which gave me the courage and strength to go ahead and make social plans, get back to working at the pub and begin to really make larger steps towards getting my life back to the way it was. Thank you for everything Pete.

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