I Don't Have Depression!

"Don't be silly, i'm not depressed!" was the immediate response I gave to my love-ones when they suggested that I make an appointment with my doctor to see if he could prescribe me some anti-depressants. It hadn't occurred to me that I could be depressed. I genuinely believed that my dark and scary thoughts were a  normal part of the detoxification process.

Something had to give however, and I was worried that my mind would be lost in the deep abyss forever if I didn't get help right-away. Tentatively, and with my face covered from the eyes down with a scarf, I went to see my doctor who prescribed me my first round of anti-depressants. I reasoned that if I was feeling slightly better about myself and my situation, I might find a way of coming to terms with what was happening to me and make a quicker recovery.

I read the pamphlet enclosed in the box and the list of side-effects was alarming. I was concerned that once I started taking the little white tablet, I would be hooked, just like with steroid cream. However, I had faith in what the doctor said and I popped the pill in my mouth and hoped for the best.

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